Steam pipes oven with steel heat exchanger mod. NETTUNO


Nettuno is a compact oven with all the features of a traditional oven. Its insulation provides even temperatures and optimal distribution of heat, limiting at the same time the running costs. The quality of raw materials used in its manufacture combined with latest generation technology makes this oven the ideal choice for the modern bakery, offering secure and longlasting operation. It works with gas or diesel.

  • It works with gas or diesel burner.
  • At 4 chambers.
  • At 4 doors of cm. 82 with opening towards the top.
  • Equipped with one steamer for each deck placed along the tubes in contact with the base of the oven.
  • Steamer is made in iron box of 6 mm. thickness.
  • The oven can be delivered completely assembled.
  • Face and external panels in stainless steel.
  • Available with electromechanical control panel.

  • Automatic switching on of the oven + motorized chimney damper.
  • Adjustable motor exhauster speed with inverter.
  • Control panel with timers.