Steam pipes ovens with refractory furnace mod. W


The W series is made up of the of traditional ovens “par excellence“, with refractory brick channels and a cement furnace. Thanks to the high thermal mass, it’s the best oven for medium/big size bread cooking and for all the type of products that require high heat from the floor and a lot of steam. Its works with gas, diesel oil, pellet or wood.

  • It works with gas, diesel oil, pellet or wood.
  • Equipped with one steamer for each deck placed on fumes circulation.
  • Furnace in cement and refractory material assembled on site that gives to the oven a large thermal power.
  • Mannesmann heating pipes, resistant to high pressure, double cross for floor and top, with an external diameter of 27 mm and thickness of 4 mm.
  • Stainless steel front section; lateral and back covering made of galvanized pre-coated sheet panels.
  • High thermal insulating with a layer of glass wool in order to prevent any heat dispersion.
  • Baking surfaces, made of refractory material with a wire mesh support grid, allow remarkable thermal accumulation and uniform distribution of heat.
  • Balanced oven doors made of tempered glass plate with opening from the bottom to the top which are easily removable to facilitate cleaning operations.
  • Steam exhaust valves can be operated from the front side.
  • Lights are located on the sides of the baking chambers in an easy to reach position.
  • Steam exhauster included.
  • All oven parts accessible from the front or top side to allow easy maintenance.

  • Baking chamber with useful height of 24 cm.
  • External stainless steel panels.
  • Right side furnace to be used with solid fuels.
  • Automatic switching on of the oven + motorized chimney damper.
  • Adjustable motor exhauster speed with inverter
  • Control panel with timers.