Retarder proofers


Retarder proofers are an indispensable instrument in all pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias laboratories, where yeast products are produced, as it eliminates or reduces night labor. These stop or slow at fermentative activity of the yeast finally, keep the dough at this step up to 72 hours, finally the fermentation cycle automatically starts at the time set by the program.

  • Panels, roof and doors made with 60 mm thick isothermal panels, internally and externally coated by pre-painted white aluminium.
  • Polyurethane resine air conditioned floor to avoid condensation on the floor and for energy saving.
  • Customized ventilated refrigeration with inverter to regulate the motor fan speed for any kind of production complete with st steel air duct to ensure even air distribution.
  • Adjustable air flow.
  • Strong condense reduction thanks to dry steam generator ( 110°C ).
  • 4,3” coloured touch screen for programming and controlling the temperature, humidity, ventilation and defrost cycles; the automatic program allows to set up to 5 phases per cycle. In each one it is possible to set the humidity and temperature.
  • Temperature and humidity probes, protection fuses, contactors, heaters discharge evaporators.

  • St. steel internal coated panels.
  • St steel internal & external coated panels.